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Fixed Deposits in India is a popular option in the retail segment. There are many reasons why people choice to make investment in fixed deposits. Unlike many other investment options, FDs too have certain limitations and risks involved in it. Hence, individuals should open a FD account after considering key essentials and factors.

Union Bank Fixed Deposit Calculator Advantages

The below information will help you understand better benefits the Union Bank Fixed Deposit Calculator offers to you.

Benefits of using UNION BANK FD Calculator

  • UNION BANK FD Calculator is a tool accessible for free
  • The calculation is easy, swift, and accurate
  • Options to choose the fixed deposit type
  • It lets you compare maturity of different banks
  • Saves your time

Union Bank – Overview

The Union Bank of India is one of the largest and oldest Indian banks. It is known to offer a range of the financial services and instruments to choose for the safe investment. The rate of return on the varied instruments varies. So, if you are planning to invest in any of the Union Bank product make sure you do detailed research. If you are interested in the Union Bank FD, you can find out the returns you can earn in the tenure you are comfortable with. For the same, you can make use of the highly efficient tool popular known as the UNION BANK FD Calculator.

Irrespective of the amount, the UNION BANK FD Calculator will give you the calculation in an easy-to-understand manner. There is no limit to use and hence you can use in multiple times with a few of the tenure, rate of interest that suits your need for investing.

Union Bank Fixed Deposit Calculator has great features and is helpful even for the common man. The use of the calculator does not need any skill and so you can start using it instantly. Keep handy the amount you wish to deposit, the tenure you have decided to opt for, and the interest rate.

What factors impacts the returns on the bank FD?

There are various factors that impact the earning on the bank fixed deposit. Every single factor plays a vital role and hence we need to consider it seriously. If you already have the return on investment in mind, you can make certain adjustments to ensure you achieve your goals. The Union Bank Fixed Deposit Calculator can be of very much use here.

Investment Tenure – the use of Union Bank Fixed Deposit Calculator has helped conclude that the longer tenure tends to give more returns in comparison to shorter duration. If feasible, consider investing in a FDv with longer tenure.

Sum to be invested - the sum you choose to invest acts as a deciding factor. Hence, you can try to make the maximum possible investment. You can adjust the principal on the basis of the return you are expecting from the FD.

Rate of interest – the rate of interest varies on the basis of the amount, and the tenure. Hence, keeping in mind your financial goals and important factors, you can choose the rate of interest.

Union Bank FD Interest Rates 2023

Rates on Union Bank FDs for an Amount Less than Rs. 2 Crore

Period Rates in % per annum
7-14 Days 3.00
15-30 Days 3.00
31-45 Days 3.00
46-90 Days 4.05
91-120 Days 4.30
121-180 Days 4.40
181 Days to < 1 year 5.25
1 year 6.30
>1 year to 398 Days 6.30
399 Days 7.00
400 Days to 2 year 6.30
> 2 year to less than 3 years 6.30
3 years 6.50
> 3 Year to 5 years 6.70
>5 Years to 10 Years 6.70

Note: FD rates are effective from April 1, 2023, to June 30, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use the Union Bank FD Calculator multiple times without any kind of restriction.

No, there are no charge applicable to Union Bank FD Calculator.

Using Union Bank FD Calculator do not need you to have technical expertise. It is an easy-to-use tool, and, in a few steps, you can estimate the interest you can earn and maturity a FD in the bank can provide.

Union Bank is a public sector bank known to provide competitive returns on the investment in fixed deposits.

Yes, you can access the Union Bank FD Calculator from any location.

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