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The upside of predictable investment is orderly interest.

A technology-driven model that engages in simplifying the complex beats of fixed-income securities for investors.

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We deal in all kinds of fixed income investment options including but not limited to corporate bonds, tax-saving bonds, 54EC bonds, government bonds and Fixed Deposits etc. We offer a wide range of investment options and bring all the snazzy updates from the finance industry for you to plug into.

Why should you invest in Bonds?

Bonds act as a secondary source of income and are also less volatile compared to other high-risk investment alternatives.
You can purchase the following bonds online:
  • Central Government Bonds
  • State Government Bonds
  • Public Sector Bonds
  • Municipal And Local Authority Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Tax-Free Bonds
  • Perpetual Bonds
  • Treasury Bonds

How to invest in Bonds?

Investing in bonds is super-easy with BondsIndia’s seamless interface. As an investor, you don’t have to go through various channels to purchase bonds online.
You can do it in three simple steps. Complete your KYC online, Choose the bond(s) that suit your investment goal, and simply invest your funds.

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