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ICICI FD Calculator is an easy-to-use tool that help you estimate the interest you can earn if you do a FD for a specific tenure with ICICI bank. You can also calculate the maturity you can expect at the end date of the chosen FD period.

Plan your fixed deposit with us for a better return and other advantages. You can take the advantage of our ICICI FD Calculator designed specially to help you invest better. We have optimised and added some more features to it.

Why use ICICI Bank FD Calculator?

ICICI Bank FD Calculator comes to you with many benefits. The time the thought of investing in bank FD comes to your mind there are a certain question that revolves in your mind. You would wonder thinking about the annual rate of return, how much to invest, maturity amount, and more.

ICICI Fixed Deposit Calculator Advantages

  • Simple and easy to use ICICI Fixed Deposit calculator
  • Swift and accurate results
  • Available Free of cost

How does the ICICI Bank FD Calculator work?

The ICICI Bank FD Calculator is a tool that is easy-to-use. It helps you calculate the amount of interest you can make by deciding to invest a specific amount of money in the ICICIC bank fixed deposit for a particular period of time.

To use the ICICI Bank FD Calculator, you are required to fill in the essential fields.

  • Date - here refers to the time when you have planned to sign up to open your FD account with the bank
  • Tenure - here you need to choose the tenure for which you are willing to invest your amount (keep at your fingertips rate of interest, aggregate interest amount, and date of maturity to get the expected result)
  • Amount to be fixed in a FD - you can commence your investment journey in FD with a minimum amount of Rs. 5,000
  • Type of Interest payment mode - choose from the below the Interest payment mode that meets your investment needs:
  • Quarterly Payout - if you wish to receive the interest payment at the end of every quarter (3 months)
  • Monthly Payout - allow you to receive the returns on monthly basis
  • Cumulative is the option where you get the interest together instead of monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly. This option help you earn more interest income.
  • Short-Term Fixed Deposit - is suitable for you if you are planning to open a fixed deposit account for a period ranging from 7 days to 180 days.

ICICI FD Interest Rates 2023 on Domestic & NRO deposits (Less than ₹5 Crore)

Maturity Period Interest rates (per cent per annum) Interest rates (per cent per annum)
Single deposit of less than ₹ 20.0 million Single deposit of ₹ 20.0 mn & above but less than 50.0 mn
General **Senior Citizen General **Senior Citizen
7 days to 14 days 3.00% 3.50% 4.75% 4.75%
15 days to 29 days 3.00% 3.50% 4.75% 4.75%
30 days to 45 days 3.50% 4.00% 5.50% 5.50%
46 days to 60 days 4.25% 4.75% 5.75% 5.75%
61 days to 90 days 4.50% 5.00% 6.00% 6.00%
91 days to 120 days 4.75% 5.25% 6.50% 6.50%
121 days to 150 days 4.75% 5.25% 6.50% 6.50%
151 days to 184 days 4.75% 5.25% 6.50% 6.50%
185 days to 210 days 5.75% 6.25% 6.65% 6.65%
211 days to 270 days 5.75% 6.25% 6.65% 6.65%
271 days to 289 days 6.00% 6.50% 6.75% 6.75%
290 days to less than 1 year 6.00% 6.50% 6.75% 6.75%
1 year to 389 days 6.70% 7.20% 7.25% 7.25%
390 days to < 15 months 6.70% 7.20% 7.25% 7.25%
15 months to < 18 months 7.10% 7.60% 7.00% 7.00%
18 months to 2 years 7.10% 7.60% 7.00% 7.00%
2 years 1 day to 3 years 7.00% 7.50% 6.75% 6.75%
3 years 1 day to 5 years 7.00% 7.50% 6.75% 6.75%
5 years 1 day to 10 years 6.90% #7.50% 6.75% 6.75%
5 Years (80C FD) – Max to `1.50 lac 7.00% 7.50% NA NA

Note: FD rates are effective from April 1, 2023, to June 30, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the ICICI FD Calculator is a user-friendly tool.

ICICI FD Calculator is preferred for its accurate results.

No, ICICI FD Calculator is a free to use tools for all.

The Fixed Deposit Interest Rate of ICICI vary based on the tenure you choose, on the age factor, and sometime the amount you plan to invest in the bank FD.

You can choose monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or cumulative option for the interest payout earned on a fixed deposit with ICICI bank in India.

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