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About Fixed Deposits in India

Fixed Deposits in India are among the preferred investment instrument chosen for its features. It is a good option to meet short term medical emergencies. The FDs in Bajaj Finance can help you secure your family and loves ones financially.

FDs are known to provide capital protection subject to a limited amount which is 5 lakhs through the medium of insurance. You get a fixed interest on your invested amount in a FD irrespective of the market condition. So, you do not need to worry about the returns incase of fixed deposits. You get the principal back upon the maturity. You have the flexibility to choose the tenure. You can use the dependable Bajaj FD calculator for the calculation of Bajaj FD interest you can earn at the end of the chosen tenure.

Commence your saving journey with Bajaj Finance

Your habit of regular saving can help you meet your need for emergency funds, short-term and long-term financial needs. Why not earn comparatively more interest on your fixed deposits with Bajaj FinServ?

A BAJAJ FD Calculator help you with the swift and accurate calculation. FDs are more suitable for your mid & long-term financial goals. Bajaj Finance has good reputation in the market and serves a good percentage of clients across location in the country. The rate of interest offered to you on Bajaj FDs is relatively high.

Want to know how much you can earn as interest income if invested for 1 year, 2 years, or more? You can find out the interest and maturity amount by a simple calculation. Use BAJAJ FD CALCULATOR to commence your saving journey with Bajaj Finance.

Why use Bajaj Fixed Deposit Interest Calculator?

  • Swift and hassle-free
  • Can be used conveniently
  • Better accuracy
  • Limited information required
  • Compare interest payouts
  • Help you determine interest compounded annually

Bajaj Finance FD Interest Rates 2023

FD rates for customers below 60 years

Fixed Deposit Annualized rate of interest for non-senior citizens valid for deposit up to Rs. 5 crore
*special interest rates are offered on tenure of 15, 18, 22, 33, and 44 months.

Non-Senior Citizen – Regular Period

Tenure in months At maturity (p.a.) Monthly (p.a.) Quarterly (p.a.) Half yearly (p.a.) Annual (p.a.)
12 - 14 7.40% 7.16% 7.20% 7.27% 7.40%
>15-23 7.50% 7.25% 7.30% 7.36% 7.50%
24 7.55% 7.30% 7.35% 7.41% 7.55%
25-35 7.35% 7.11% 7.16% 7.22% 7.35%
36 - 60 8.05% 7.77% 7.82% 7.89% 8.05%

Non-Senior Citizen – Special Period

Tenure in months At maturity (p.a.) Monthly (p.a.) Quarterly (p.a.) Half yearly (p.a.) Annual (p.a.)
15* 7.45% 7.21% 7.25% 7.32% 7.45%
18* 7.40% 7.16% 7.20% 7.27% 7.40%
22* 7.50% 7.25% 7.30% 7.36% 7.50%
30* 7.45% 7.21% 7.25% 7.32% 7.45%
33* 7.75% 7.49% 7.53% 7.61% 7.75%
44* 8.35% 8.05% 8.10% 8.18% 8.35%

Senior Citizen – Special Period

Tenure in months At maturity (p.a.) Monthly (p.a.) Quarterly (p.a.) Half yearly (p.a.) Annual (p.a.)
15* 7.70% 7.44% 7.49% 7.56% 7.70%
18* 7.65% 7.39% 7.44% 7.51% 7.65%
22* 7.75% 7.49% 7.53% 7.61% 7.75%
30* 7.70% 7.44% 7.49% 7.56% 7.70%
33* 8.00% 7.72% 7.77% 7.85% 8.00%
44* 8.60% 8.28% 8.34% 8.42% 8.60%

Senior Citizen – Regular Period

Tenure in months At maturity (p.a.) Monthly (p.a.) Quarterly (p.a.) Half yearly (p.a.) Annual (p.a.)
12 - 14 7.65% 7.39% 7.44% 7.51% 7.65%
>15-23 7.75% 7.49% 7.53% 7.61% 7.75%
24 7.80% 7.53% 7.58% 7.65% 7.80%
25 - 35 7.60% 7.35% 7.39% 7.46% 7.60%
36 - 60 8.30% 8.00% 8.05% 8.13% 8.30%

Note: FD rates are effective from April 1, 2023, to June 30, 2023

How Can Bajaj Finance FD Calculator Help Plan Your Investments?

The need of fund can arise at any point of your life and hence it is necessary to have some amount kept away securely that can be used at the time you need it the most. Now the question is – where to keep the surplus money for emergencies and ensure it help you earn some income on it? The best answer is a Fixed deposit account. Opening a FD account have never been easier but now the financial institution has eased the process to some extent.

NBFCs like Bajaj Finance have come up with Bajaj FD Calculators that aim at helping the potential investors independently calculate the interest you can earn on your principal. You have the option to choose the tenure, type of fixed deposit, and the principal amount.

Plan Your Wealth Creation Using Bajaj Finance FD Calculator

The Bajaj FD Calculators speeds up the process and make your money work for you. Bajaj fixed deposits facilitate a tenure that range from 1 year to a maximum of 5 years until now that includes both cumulative and non-cumulative types. As a user, you need to enter a few information for the required results. The Bajaj Finance FD Calculator instantly displays the earned interest and the maturity amount in seconds.

The Bajaj FD Calculator need you to choose a tenure, interest rate, type of investment. It displays instantly interest Rate, Accrued Interest Amount, Maturity Date, and Maturity Sum. Since you are able to know about the future financials in advance, it becomes easy for an investor to plan investments well and make investment strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bajaj FD calculator helps you estimate the interest income and maturity amount you can expect at the end of maturity period you choose.

You can use the Bajaj FD calculator to determine the FD maturity amount.

You can use any number of times the Bajaj finance fixed deposit calculator.

You need tenure, rate of interest, amount, and type of investment to use Bajaj FD calculator.

The Bajaj FD calculator is a good to use tool to plan your investment in fixed deposits and make investment strategies.

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