India’s Gold Bonds: A Wise Choice for Investors

Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB)

In the whole world, Gold has its universal value and has been globally recognised since ancient times. Over a period of time, it became a quantifiable monetary unit due to its scarcity, purity and malleability, making it a natural medium of exchange. And through this, Gold introduced the concept of … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Green Bonds in India

green bonds

Overview of Green Bonds – A Green Bond, also called a climate Bond, is like a regular bond in every sense, except it is designed to support specific climate-related or environmental projects with the intention of raising funds for sustainable agriculture, pollution prevention, fishery and forestry, renewable energy, clean water … Read more

Sovereign Gold Bond vs Gold ETF: Where should you Invest

Sovereign gold bonds vs ETFs

Introduction Physical gold in Indian families forms a part of rituals and have personal feeling attached to it. Gold is purchased especially during the festivals like Akshaya Tritiya and Diwali as a part of a followed ritual in the country. Earlier it was physical gold the first choice of every … Read more

How Government Banks are Using Your FDs to Earn Higher Returns

How Government Banks are Using Your FDs to Earn Higher Returns

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW THE SECRET HOW BANKS MAKE MONEY USING YOUR INVESTMENT THAT YOU DO IN FIXED DEPOSITS (FDS)? Take a tour of the content to learn about the revealed secret. Make sure you read the complete content to gather relevant information and take informed investment decisions. UNDERSTANDING … Read more

8 Top Reasons Why Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB) Are Great

Sovereign Gold Bonds

Sovereign Gold Bonds can be a very good option for many. An RBI-mandated certificate issued to you against grams of gold is termed Sovereign Gold Bonds. The choice of investment can be made considering your own need for the investment. It is the right tool to gauge the benefit the … Read more

Government Bonds for Senior Citizens

Government Bonds for Senior Citizens

Interest rates have been steadily decreasing over the years, making it harder for senior citizens with minimal assets to make ends meet. This is particularly true when they have no way of supplementing their income after retirement and cannot take any unnecessary risks with their money. Not just that, Government … Read more

What to Know Before Investing in Government Bonds?

investing in government bonds

A bond is a debt instrument through which an entity borrows funds from an investor on a variable or fixed rate of interest. Issuers of the bonds can be private companies, municipalities, or governments. Buyers are institutional and retail investors. Bonds help in the diversification of an investment portfolio and the management … Read more

What Are G-secs And How They Are Issued?

What are G-secs

The Indian government issues government securities or G-sec in the government securities market (GSM) for meeting its short-term and long-term borrowing needs. It is an important component of the Indian debt market as along with extending resources to the Indian government for its borrowing needs, it also acts as a benchmark for … Read more

How to Buy RBI bonds in India?

How to Buy RBI bonds

Anything that comes out of the Government office is valued the most. Any job or investment opportunities try to provide an interesting opportunity for a competitive payout. History has it that every time someone needed a companion, the first prerequisite was to tick the “Government Job” off the list, as it … Read more