Zero-Coupon Bonds in India: Maximizing Returns with Minimal Risk

zero coupon bond

Zero coupon bonds in India, or discount bonds, are fixed-income securities that do not pay any interest during their term. Instead, the investor purchases the bond at a discount from its face value and receives the total face value of the bond at maturity. Zero coupon bonds are an attractive … Read more

Which Bonds to Buy for Retirement Savings in 2022?

Retirement Savings Bonds

Retirement is the reality of life. No one can run away from the cycle of life. The early you plan the better returns you can expect from your savings or investments. During the golden days (old age), it becomes difficult to do hardships to earn living. Life becomes struggling if … Read more

Which Bonds to Buy to Generate Higher Returns on Your Investments?

Which bonds to buy to generate higher returns on your investments

On 24th Feb 2022, Russia declared war against Ukraine. Sensex fell by nearly 5% on this day, and India VIX jumped 30%. During these political and economic disturbances, people generally switch to a more trusted and stable source of investments, bond. On the same day, when the Sensex fell so drastically, the India 10-year bond’s … Read more

Which Are the Best Bonds to Invest in India?

Best Bonds to invest in India

“Never depend on a single income. Make investment to create a second source.” – Warren Buffet.  To meet our ever-growing financial needs, we must consider making money through a second source. There are many investment options where an investor can invest his hard-earned money. Bond is one of them. Bonds are a … Read more

How to Buy Corporate Bonds in India?

How to Buy corporate bonds

As little as it may be, any investment is a service you do for your future self and anybody associated with your life at the time. An investment should assuage your goals and service your plans of travel, early retirement, or stepping up in life with a new business or marriage. … Read more