Digitalization: The Engine Behind Economic Growth 

Digitalization - Economic Growth

Digitalization as the name suggests, is a process of mixing the “power of computers” and the “internet” with traditional practices. In today’s world, digitalization functions as the driving force behind our economy, which makes it grow faster and better. The usage of technology makes goals achievable smartly and swiftly, which … Read more

Indian Debt Market: Everything you need to Know 

Debt Market

Investing in the Indian Debt Market India’s Debt Market is one of the largest in Asia, which encompasses Bonds, Government Securities which are issued by Government Bodies, PSUs (Public Sector undertakings), Corporate Companies, and Financial Institutions. This market can also be classified into two primary segments which are the Money … Read more

Primary Market vs Secondary Market: Understanding the Difference

Primary market and secondary market

Before understanding the terms primary market and secondary market, first, we need to understand what a market is. The market term refers to the place where all the financial instruments are bought and sold. However, there are some differences in the context of Primary and Secondary Markets. So in this … Read more

Latest NCD IPO December 2021 in India – a Holistic View

Upcoming NCD IPO

IT’S RAINING IPOS!!! Given the sentiments amongst investors, one can expect more companies to join the IPO crusade. It’s raining IPOs, with three issues hitting the market in a span of four days, the pace of new filings points to a deluge during the last month of the year. So … Read more