RBI’s Interest Rate on Floating Rate Bonds Raised to 8.05%

RBI Floating Rate Bonds

Investors with a low tolerance for risk have a wide range of options, including corporate debt, debt mutual funds, government bonds, and term deposits. Ambitious investors cannot be held responsible for aiming for the stars when broad benchmark indexes are still hovering near all-time highs. On the other hand, cautious … Read more

Indian Debt Market: Everything you need to Know 

Debt Market

Investing in the Indian Debt Market India’s Debt Market is one of the largest in Asia, which encompasses Bonds, Government Securities which are issued by Government Bodies, PSUs (Public Sector undertakings), Corporate Companies, and Financial Institutions. This market can also be classified into two primary segments which are the Money … Read more

Equity vs Fixed Income: Which is Right for You?

Equity vs Fixed Income

There are numerous investment opportunities available in the financial markets. Equity and fixed income are two popular investment categories that investors often contemplate. Fixed income refers to debt instruments that generate regular interest payments, whereas equity represents ownership in a company. Investors need to comprehend the distinctions between equity and … Read more

8 Investment Options for Senior Citizens 2023

As senior citizens enter their retirement years, it becomes crucial for them to make wise investment decisions to ensure financial stability and meet their future needs. In 2023, with the evolving investment landscape, several options can help senior citizens maximise their returns while managing risk. This article explores some of … Read more

Investment Portfolio – Overview, Types, and How to Build

Investment Portfolio

What is an Investment Portfolio?  An Investment Portfolio refers to a group of assets you purchase or invest your money in to generate income or increase their value over time. It includes Stocks, Currencies, Bonds, Cash, Commodities, and Cash equivalents. Moreover, it is about an investment that the investor uses … Read more

Sovereign Gold Bond vs Gold ETF: Where should you Invest

Sovereign gold bonds vs ETFs

Introduction Physical gold in Indian families forms a part of rituals and have personal feeling attached to it. Gold is purchased especially during the festivals like Akshaya Tritiya and Diwali as a part of a followed ritual in the country. Earlier it was physical gold the first choice of every … Read more

Know The Benefits and Risk of Investing in Fixed Income Securities?

There are many financial instruments known in the Indian market for investors to choose for investment. These instruments are classified into varied categories based on several factors. The earlier you start investing the more returns you can expect out of it. Since every investment option carries risks, it is advised … Read more

8 Top Reasons Why Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB) Are Great

Sovereign Gold Bonds

Sovereign Gold Bonds can be a very good option for many. An RBI-mandated certificate issued to you against grams of gold is termed Sovereign Gold Bonds. The choice of investment can be made considering your own need for the investment. It is the right tool to gauge the benefit the … Read more